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Take a moment to appreciate your challenges as you face them; recognize the immense knowledge they’ll provide for you for the future. Barrel through roadblocks with a graceful energy for what is waiting on the other side. Also, learn the value of a firm handshake. Oh, and be nice.

Starkid friendships ✩ Julia Albain & Lauren Lopez

The next time you start to cut yourself down, imagine if someone were talking about your friend that way. Would you let that slide? Hell no! So why should we treat ourselves differently? As we go through life we need to be a friend to ourselves. That includes giving ourselves the same respect that we give our friends."

—Lauren Lopez (via dietcokeandbunnyears)

Anonymous said: hi, can you post the link for the airport prank again? it's not working for me. thanks!

it’s because i made the video private again sorry


My idol everyone


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DAY THREEFavourite Female Starkid.
→ Lauren Lopez

Boy Toy.